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Direct Sustainable Aviation Fuel supply

Our SAF is delivered direct to our aircraft at Heathrow via existing pipeline infrastructure as a drop-in solution blended with conventional jet fuel. Today SAF accounts for just over 1 % of our fuel supply

Renewable fuels for ground vehicles

More than 90% of our vehicles and pieces of ground equipment at Heathrow Airport are either zero emissions electrical equipment when being used or driven or are operating on hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel

More efficient aircraft

In 2023, we introduced ten new aircraft and removed five. Our new aircraft are up to 35% more efficient than the ones they replace


Our Brita water taps in lounges at Heathrow are saving approximately 1 million glass bottles per year

Renewable electricity

Our properties use electricity generated from renewable resources which are backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs)


We want to make the travel experience for all customers with additional needs, simpler and easier. Aligned with our Responsible Business commitment, we are making improvements to encourage more customers to travel with us and to ensure they can enjoy a better customer experience. For example, in 2023 we introduced the British Airways Visual Guide to help customers prepare for their flight and make them feel as comfortable as possible during their journey

Disaster response

For over a decade, we have partnered with the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC), supporting 13 appeals and raising more than £2 million in donations. We also work with other humanitarian organisations to support requests for the deployment of humanitarian relief workers and, in partnership with IAG Cargo, shipments of lifesaving supplies

Improved battery and charging technology

We are utilising long-life lithium-ion battery technology for our electric baggage tugs, which use less electricity than traditional battery technology and less CO2 compared to diesel tugs

Push back

We were the first airline globally to operate high-tech remote-controlled devices to push back aircraft. Powered by renewable electricity, the Mototoks allow staff to prepare narrowbody aircraft for departure more efficiently

Aircraft improvements

We retrofitted ten A320-series aircraft with ‘sharklet’ winglets enabling a 1-2% efficiency saving for these aircraft

Removing single use plastic

We have removed plastic wrapping from World Traveller Plus cabin blankets, and introduced birchwood cutlery in World Traveller, together saving 140 tonnes of single-use plastics each year. We continue to work progressively with new and existing suppliers to find new scalable solutions

Fighting illegal wildlife trafficking

We are signatories to the Buckingham Palace Declaration which we support by implementing procedures for colleagues to identify suspicious behaviour and how to report it, as well as working with external stakeholders to interupt illegal wildlife trafficking

Customer awareness

Our BA Better World onboard entertainment system channel had more than 15,000 viewers in 2023


We are working with researchers at Imperial College London and the University of Leeds to better understand contrails and opportunities to mitigate these impacts

Operational efficiency

More than 3,500 pilots, representing more than 85% of our pilot population, have already completed our annual sustainability training programme, which has a key focus on reduced engine taxi in and out and the intelligent use of discretionary fuel. Our fuel efficiency dashboard also enables our pilots to better align fuel use with fuel needs

Reducing noise

We continue to drive focus on operational best practices including continuous descents and optimised landing gear deployment to reduce noise and emissions

Customer information

Our customers can make more informed travel choices through our climate software solution CO2llaborate, which enables passengers to view the estimated emissions generated from their travel and contribute to a range of climate projects

Onboard recycling

We were the first airline certified to recycle on flights into New York as part of the IATA transatlantic recycling trial, as current international catering waste regulations require that anything that has touched food products on an international flight must be disposed of

Safeguarding biodiversity

Our BA Better World Community Fund supports projects that deliver benefits for climate, nature and communities across the UK. This includes conservation efforts with the Blue Marine Foundation to extend the Solent’s first oyster restoration reef​, Forestry England to plant 9,000 native trees, the London Wildlife Trust to work on the community and biodiversity regeneration of South Hillingdon and Sea Wilding to restore native oyster beds in a Scottish loch

Colleague community engagement

We have more than 4,600 colleagues globally who are active community champions involved in fundraising and volunteering activities

Reducing waste

At our Waterside headquarters, we launched new bins across all floors to encourage better segregation, allowing for multiple waste streams to be collected and disposed of more easily

Community garden

In 2023, we worked closely with Energy Garden to create and redevelop space around Hatton Cross Tube Station into a community garden. More than 100 colleagues volunteered – clearing, planting and building insect-safe garden features to encourage the return of biodiversity to the area