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BA Staff on headset call

In 2023, we focused on
three keys areas:

  • Improving access to information and services so our customers can make more informed decisions before and during their travel, via our digital platforms and the provision of a specialist customer care team.
  • Committing to inclusive design and continuous improvement initiatives to remove physical barriers in our facilities and evolving our customer policies, processes and procedures.
  • Enabling continual colleague communication, learning and engagement activity to improve cultural awareness and understanding of the barriers that some of our customers may experience.

In 2023, we worked to improve customer experience through collaboration with key partners:

  • We introduced the British Airways Visual Guide to help passengers prepare for their flight and make them feel as comfortable as possible during their journey. The guide was produced in partnership with Learning Rose, who develop support material for people on the autism spectrum, and was endorsed by the National Autism Society
  • We launched new signed video content containing helpful travel information for customers who are deaf or hard-of-hearing in partnership with Signcode UK. We’ve also collaborated with SignLive to deploy a relay service for customers that contact our customer engagement centre.
  • As part of our collaboration with the Queen Elizabeth Foundation for Disabled People, we empowered customers to fly with their own assistive support devices which have been approved through our safety governance process.
  • As part of our BA Better World Community Fund three-year partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, we’re raising awareness amongst our customer-facing colleagues on dementia.
  • We continued our active participation in the sunflower scheme, initiated by Hidden Disabilities, to support our customers with disabilities and conditions that may not be immediately apparent.
  • We continued to liaise with Open Doors Organization, leveraging their lived experience of disabilities and expertise in travel and hospitality.

Valuable 500

We’re a member of the Valuable 500, a network of 500 companies and partners that work together to end disability exclusion. As part of our membership, we’ve committed to build on our work and further integrate accessibility into all our projects and practices, systems, learning and products.

By listening more effectively to our customers, we’ll meet their individual needs and prioritise the issues that are important to them. We’ll also work more collaboratively with our partners at airports to ensure that our customers have a more consistent experience when they travel. And we’ll make continuous improvements through digital innovation whilst committing to discussing accessibility at leadership team level annually.

Photo of BA staff holding boarding pass and BA plane