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Our British Airways and IAG management committees are responsible for developing and implementing ESG strategies and programmes, with the oversight and direction of the British Airways Board Sustainability Committee and the IAG Board Environment and Corporate Responsibility Committee.

Our Chief People, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer ensures that sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy. The Director of Sustainability, who reports to the Chief People, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Officer, is directly responsible for our BA Better World sustainability programme and strategy, and engages with leadership, colleagues and customers on sustainability topics, including climate-related risks and opportunities.

British AirwaysIAG
Oversight and DirectionBA Board Sustainability CommitteeIAG Board Environment and Corporate Responsibility Committee
Strategy, Leadership and ManagementBA Management CommitteeIAG Management Committee
BA Sustainability TeamIAG Sustainability Steering Group
Delivery NetworkSustainability Network – experts and champions across directoratesIAG Sustainability Network
Audit, Compliance and DisclosureManagement systems, compliance, internal and external audit and disclosuresManagement focus, internal and external audit and disclosures

Ethics and Compliance

Our BA Better World Sustainability programme is rooted in our long-standing commitment to effective corporate governance and ethical business conduct. Our reputation for integrity and operating fairly is fundamental to earning and retaining the trust of our customers, partners and stakeholders.

The IAG Group Code of Conduct and the British Airways Standing Instructions sets out the key behaviours, principles and standards of conduct expected of all British Airways colleagues and those who work with us. British Airways has a zero tolerance for corruption of any kind and expects the same from our partners, contractors, and suppliers.

In 2023, we delivered Code of Conduct training to 35,713 colleagues. We’ve established a dedicated Head of Ethics and Compliance role and we continue to ensure our compliance programme and ethical conduct is developed so it remains live and embedded within our business.

We’ve established a single consolidated confidential reporting channel across the group, which is available to all employees as well as the suppliers and partners we work with. In 2024, IAG will launch a new Code of Conduct for the Group, designed to reinforce the standards and behaviours we expect and ensure the decisions and actions we take are consistent with our company values.

Human Rights and
Modern Slavery

We’re taking steps to prevent modern slavery within British Airways and across our supply chains. We require all suppliers to comply with the Supplier Code of Conduct. We remain committed to taking swift and robust action if any evidence relating to slavery or human trafficking in our business supply chain is identified.

We’re also taking steps to prevent human trafficking, working closely with governments and the airports in which we operate to ensure that any suspected trafficking on our flights is identified, reported and dealt with appropriately. We support the 2018 IATA resolution denouncing human trafficking and reaffirming a commitment to tackle this issue.

BA Better World Plane

Our Strategy and Vision

We’re on our most important journey yet – to a more sustainable future. We call it BA Better World. We’re creating a great place for our people to work, reducing our emissions and waste and contributing to the communities we serve to build a thriving, resilient, responsible business. Our actions will help make a more connected world for everyone to live in and we’re excited to bring together our people, our customers and our partners to deliver what we believe will be our greatest achievement yet.

  • People

    We care about our people and value their contributions to our business. Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace contributes to a sense of wellbeing and belonging, enabling our world-class colleagues to thrive.

  • Planet

    The aviation industry contributes to global carbon emissions and draws on the earth’s resources for its products and services. We’re holding ourselves accountable and innovating to drive improvement in our environmental performance – from reducing our carbon footprint through to enabling circularity to reduce waste and resource use.

  • Responsible Business

    Committed to maintaining the highest standard of corporate governance, driving performance responsibly, and striving to make customer experiences more sustainable and inclusive, we create opportunities in the communities where we operate, while also using our unique skills to support those affected by crisis.